Finding The Right Private Investigator

Are you looking for people to help you reveal some facts that the cops can’t? Do you need someone to be followed for a while so that you get the evidence required to develop a legal case against him or her? Are you looking for a missing person? Well, you need a private investigator!

Private detectives will save you lots time if you have a busy schedule and lack the time to investigate yourself. Second, if you have lost a loved one and you need some clarity about the details of the will among other things, a private investigator will help you figure out that because you can’t do it in the midst of grief. Lastly, confidentiality is another reason for hiring private detectives. You don’t want to get nabbed by your spouse or employee doing the investigations.

However, a majority of individuals are not aware of the best ways to find one. Not just any private investigator will help you uncover the facts to your satisfaction. That is why it’s necessary to be a little keen when looking for their services.

In this piece, therefore, we’ll delve into the services offered by private investigators and factors you need to consider when choosing one. Please read along.

Services Offered by a Private Detective

Security Services

Private investigators can form part of your safety detail if you feel you need extra security. Most people don’t know that apart from helping in gathering information, they can also protect from harm.

Evidence Collection

Do you want to uncover the truth about a cheating boyfriend, husband, wife or girlfriend? Private investigators specialize in busting cheaters quickly! It’s terrible to feel suspicion and continually be told that you are insecure by your spouse. Private detectives will help you collect all the evidence that you need, so that prove your case. Moreover, they also assist in collecting evidence that can be used in legal cases. In fact, many law firms around the globe worship private detectives when it comes to the collection of proof to be employed in a court of justice.

Background Checks

Think of it this way: you run a business that requires honest employees to take care of finances without turning against you or robbing you blind. How will you confirm that the people you are hiring are the right people for the job? Don’t worry; private detectives will help you find out almost everything about the employees before you put them on the payroll. Banks and insurance firms also hire private investigators to carry out background checks on individuals before processing their loans or approving their claims.

Skip Tracing

Are you looking for people who have disappeared from their last known locations and can’t be located for numerous reasons? Well, private investigators will help you find them as well as their home or office address. Have you attempted almost everything to find a missing friend or family member with little success? If that is the case, relax! Private investigators will help you locate the missing person within the blink an eye. All you need to do is to furnish them with the necessary details they need.


Private investigators provide monitoring services to help you get hold of people with itchy fingers that cause you sleepless nights either at your retail store or home.

Property Verification

Private investigators also specialize in gathering and verifying information about a particular property, vehicle or business by going through government records. However, if you search around, there are some online resources like NETR Online that let you search pubic records as well.

Identity Check

Verification of the identity of a person by going through government documents from various institutions is included in the services provided by most private investigators.

There are many other sectors where private inspectors specialize that could not fit here. Those that are highlighted are just the key areas meaning that they provide other many services.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Private Investigators


Only experienced private investigators have encountered numerous experiences and worked with a chain of informants to gather information lightning fast. Besides, those with experience are quick to provide proven jobs to confirm that they know what they are doing. And that is not all; their experience will help them choose the most efficient way to deal with your case quickly, saving you both time and money.

Compliance with Local Code

Before hiring a private investigator, it’s important to ask them to produce documentation like their license and insurance to prove that they comply with both state and local regulations. Skipping this step could be costly and embarassing, so be sure to ask.


Hiring most private investigators will cost you a fortune. This is because they are known for doing their job perfectly. If money is not a big issue, you can easily get the best of the best out there. On the other hand, if you can’t manage the expensive ones, you can opt for others that can tailor their services to satisfy your unique demands for a minimal fee. Being cheap doesn’t mean that they are not good at their job.


In the process of finding a private investigator, you’ll furnish them with information and details that are very personal. Therefore you have to trust the detective enough to reveal all. Investigators that are trustworthy secure recommendation letters from their past clients to prove their expertise, professionalism, and confidence.

Educational background

Not any person who has finished college can be a good private investigator, and that is why checking your prospective private investigator education background is a must. Only pick those with the necessary qualifications and extra training because they are well versed in the law and how to go about their business without breaking it.


Interview the private detective, to find out if they will effectively help you. Ask about how they have handled other situations that are similar to yours and the outcome they had. It is the only way to discover their areas of expertise and how well you are likely to work with each other.


The private investigator that you choose will mean the distinction between a successful investigation and one that’s ruined from the beginning. In the end, the results that you get will depend on the private investigation service that you pick. So it’s up to you to make a sound decision.

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How to Start Your Own Private Investigation Firm


Becoming a private investigator is without a doubt one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers out there. If you have a knack for finding things, if you have exceptional observation skills or you know how to hear and see what most people do not, then maybe you should think about turning those talents into a profitable business venture as a private investigator!

Starting your own private investigation business is much like starting any other business. For starters, you must have a passion for your line of work. Most people think that the availability of starting and operating capital makes or breaks a business. The truth is that the lack of passion is what makes or breaks a business. Once you are passionate about something, you will move Heaven and Earth to make it work. So, you must have a passion for investigation. After that comes the regular run of the mill requirements.

You need to get your licenses and permits

To operate as a private investigator, you require a license. Every state has its own fees and requirements. You will certainly find this website useful if you’re considering hiring a private investigator in Atlanta, Georgia: Child custody cases are becoming more common and definitely requires licensing. The average license costs about $500-$600 to obtain and a different figure to renew each year (about $350). It is imperative that you find out any other requirements imposed by your state. Like in many states, you will have to take a test or you may require an experience of three years in any investigative capacity to qualify for a license and you may also need insurance.

Once you have dispensed with all the legalities, what comes next is all about your business running skills. For starters, as a private investigator, you may not need an office because you will be mostly meeting your clients at their convenience. But as a professional outfit, it might be a good idea to have an address that you identify with. So getting an office isn’t as bad an idea as it might sound.

Get sophisticated

You will have to invest a little money in your start-up. As a private investigator, you will need to buy a few basic pieces of PI equipment. From cameras, tape recorders and a fast computer with an internet connection. As your business progresses, you will need to get more sophisticated and get more expensive and specialized equipment such as bug detection tools and so on. Part of the tools of trade involve specialized private investigator software that will help you run more specific searches on online. All these you will learn and acquire as the need arise.

Do your research

A private investigator looking through binoculars.A lot of your time will be spent conducting research into your chosen field. The best advice is to look around you and see what your immediate community needs. Are you within a business district where industrial espionage is rife or are you within a suburban location where spousal infidelity rules the day? The kind of environment you will be operating in will tell you where the money is and what niche you should specialize in.

To help you with this step, it may be wise to check out your new competition and see what services they offer or promote. Remember, a service that’s promoted may indicate low natural demand. Take the time to think this step through and plan your services carefully.

Marketing your private investigation business

When it comes to marketing your business, it is going to take a continuous coordinated effort on your part. Since you are the core of the business, you will need to act as the key selling point. What this means is that you need to start carrying yourself as a professional. Everything you do and say will have to be deliberate. You will have to wow people with your observation skills at any given opportunity.

Apart from that, you will need to carry out actual marketing. This will involve:

Advertising online and getting your corporate website up and running. You can also join several online forums and have a heavy social media presence. You might not want to get too much of your face out there, because to some degree, you will have to operate incognito. You must, however, get your name out there. Be active online and offline. Make so that if people within your community think of private investigation, they think of you.

Network with other businesses. As a private investigator most of your business will come from referrals. You will need to network with the local businesses around. Businesses such as prestigious law firms, private company as well as individual clients who might need your services. Another wonderful idea would be to liaise with the local police. They are a good source of referral business.

You also need to prepare a simple pitch for private clients. Nothing fancy, just a quick rundown on why they should hire you and the kind of benefits (e.g. closure) you can bring to their lives.

Operational tips

It is good practice to keep very detailed records of all incurred expenses. Be they travel, lodging, mileage, meals and so on. All of this will tie up into the final invoice. Moreover, if they are not to be reimbursed by the client as per the agreement reached, then they will come in handy when it comes to your business tax returns.

Another valuable piece of advice is to avoid charging your clients a highly discounted price just to get their business. Most people who choose to hire PIs know that the hourly cost is going to be considerable. This is mostly due to the sensitivity involved in the whole business. But it is also wise to keep your range within a margin of error. If your competition is charging $200 an hour and the average PI within your immediate surrounding is charging the same, then it would be unwise to charge $500.

Word of advice

Although PI work may seem exceptionally engaging on TV, there are hardly ever any high speed car chases and Mexican standoffs involved. The typical PI assignment involves a great deal of research and stake-out work. That is not to say that it does get a little interesting sometimes. Especially if a cheating spouse discovers they are under surveillance, it could get a little dicey. Otherwise, being a private investigator has more to do with your power of observation and deduction than anything else.

Resources and References:
Private Investigator Fact Sheet

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7 Tips for the Success of Small Businesses

Small business owner

Starting a small business and being successful in the niche where there are giants is indeed a a hard thing. If you are somebody who is an entrepreneur and owns such a small business in your locality then it is necessary for you to follow certain tips that can change the fortune of your company and can bring good amount of profits to you. Small business lack the capacity for investing much and also have better reach to the customers. It is always necessary for you to focus on these two concepts when you are making strategies for your business. Here are some good tips which can make any small business owner to come up with a successful business plan.



It is not possible for your business to do many things at a time. The first thing as a small business owner you need to choose the niche in which you are interested in working on. It is good for you to narrow the focus and also broaden appeal which you have. This is a good way for you to get better profit out of the business.

Be Unique

Standing out of the box is the factor that can grab attention. As a small business, you have so many constraints in doing huge promotional campaigns and so your whole strategy should act as a way of promoting the business. Choose to do the things that are different in the niche which can easily make you grab whole market.


Building Team

In a huge business one employee may not be a factor to change the whole scenario but it can happen with small businesses. When you are choosing employees to work in your business, it is good for you to choose people who can work with you comfortably as a team.

Be Quick

Your speed can also be a factor which can make things much better for you. It is always good for you to ensure that the work is done prior to the time. It is a factor which really makes customers satisfied. You also should know that when you do the work so fast your work should be done with great care so that errors do not occur.


Show Gratitude to Customers

It is always good for you to ensure that your customer is happy and loyal to you. It is good for you to provide some small gifts for them for this.

Be Consistent

It is every time necessary for maintaining the stability and consistency in the work. Performing well at some time and showing a negative result at some point of time cannot help you grow big.


Leave the Comfort Zone

There is no point of being in the comfort zone and do the thing in the way you have been doing so far. Try to inculcate new ideas and also technology which can enhance the profit of your business. It is possible for you to easily achieve a lot through that. 

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